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This blog is about Simone & Åke's travel during October 2011 in South America.
Denna blog beskriver Simone & Åke's resa till Sydamerika oktober 2011.

Peru; Machu Picchu & Amazonas. Equador; Galapagos. Easter Island, Chile

3 okt. 2011

First day i Peru

After a series of 4 flights we finally have arrived in Peru. We landed in the Andes mountains in a town called Cusco. The sun was shining brightly, and you could really sense being on high altitude (more then 3500m). After a nice short wait in the sun we were picked up by our driver Cesar who drove is to our Pisac, a small village known for its market.

Our hotel, the Pisac Inn, is located right on the market with a balcony looking out over the street activities and the market. A perfect spot to relax and start to have the vacation feeling!

The jet lag kicked in, so we took a quick nap before we visited the market. A large part of the market was filled with everything from cloth in local patterns, masks, ponchos and sweaters of Alpaca wool... or that is what they claim it to be anyway.
On Sundays however there is also a little grocery market where the locals buy and sell their potatoes and vegetables. A very colourful sight to see and such a different world from Sweden.
Local woman at Pisac Market
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  1. Vacker kvinna. Vackra färger. Hoppas ni har det gott.
    //Leif och Marie