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This blog is about Simone & Åke's travel during October 2011 in South America.
Denna blog beskriver Simone & Åke's resa till Sydamerika oktober 2011.

Peru; Machu Picchu & Amazonas. Equador; Galapagos. Easter Island, Chile

30 okt. 2011

Tortuga bay #3

Blue Footed Booby  
Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia Cactaceae) is endemic to the Galápagos Islandsis and it is the common food of the Cactus Finch, Land Iguanas and Turtles. It have developed into many separate types ranging from the Opuntia Echios Gigantea - which grows to a height of 12 m - to the Opuntia Barringtonensis which measures 1.25 m in diameter.
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