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This blog is about Simone & Åke's travel during October 2011 in South America.
Denna blog beskriver Simone & Åke's resa till Sydamerika oktober 2011.

Peru; Machu Picchu & Amazonas. Equador; Galapagos. Easter Island, Chile

4 okt. 2011

Pisac Ruins, down the trail

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Enthousiastic we started our descend down the trail. There were several interesting archeology sites on the way down; a kinda ”mini” Machu Picchu. Amazing to imaging that people lived this far up the steep mountain. The first archeological site was a sort of fortification. The middle site was a complex of temples. You could clearly see the difference in structure and building techniques. The final was the remains of a village of the Inca period.

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