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This blog is about Simone & Åke's travel during October 2011 in South America.
Denna blog beskriver Simone & Åke's resa till Sydamerika oktober 2011.

Peru; Machu Picchu & Amazonas. Equador; Galapagos. Easter Island, Chile

7 okt. 2011

Hike in Pisak


Another early morning, mostly due to the jet-lag, we were up at 7.30 for breakfast. The taxi driver was waiting at 8.30 to take us on a trip to interesting sites between Pisac and Ollantaytambo. First stop was at a small village; a market town, and interesting archaeological site and church. Unfortunately Tuesday isn't a market day, but there were still some charming shops in the ”old” city. We got tempted and bought a blanket of Alpaca wool, a nicely decorated bowl and a flute made of lama bone with an amazing sound in it.

The village was located in a beautiful landscape and the drive to our next stop, the Salt Mines at Maras was very enjoyable. We saw the locals plowing the fields with the help of oxes, donkeys carrying hay and snow topped mountains. We didn't have that much expectations regarding the Salt Mines, but we were happily surprised. The complex was large and fascinating to watch with lots of terrased ponds.
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