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This blog is about Simone & Åke's travel during October 2011 in South America.
Denna blog beskriver Simone & Åke's resa till Sydamerika oktober 2011.

Peru; Machu Picchu & Amazonas. Equador; Galapagos. Easter Island, Chile

1 nov. 2011

Time to cruise


This day 25th Oct we entered the motor yacht Galaven for a 4 day cruise around the Galapagos islands. The group consists of 15 main islands, 3 smaller islands, and 107 rocks and islets. It was 18 others to join us on the cruise but the ship was spacious and it never felt crowded. Sometimes we spent our time in chairs on upper deck to see the sunset. During the day tours we visited several islands, always with a guide (spoke rather good english) who was telling us lots of stuff. Simone often joined the snorkelling group. It was always a morning or afternoon snorkel session.

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  1. Oh wow, magic photos! Haha, my favourite animal is also there .-)) Are you still there or already back? Tons of hugs
    la Ingrid